The Jukebox

The Jukebox

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A word from the performer: Restless souls of once-dead musicians, a keyboardist Pepe, a saxophonist Gianfranco, a vocalist Flora and the narrator himself, a trumpeter, whose name we never knew, wandering like ghosts in old-fashioned bars, where you can hear on musical devices, jukeboxes, all kinds of jazz compositions in records, but ... And yet, our jazz performers do not lose hope that one day, a man, or better if a woman, will choose a record (platter) with their composition, after playing their souls will boldly leave the earth and, possibly, fly away to some Krishnaloka to entertain the local audience, where there is no deception, but there is a possibility of getting real recognition! Of course, this is a joke! But, as they say, in every joke there is a grain of a joke, and the rest is bare truth!  So, will our heroes hear their music: yes or not? Well, if you're interested, listen to the Jukebox miniature! Oh yes, I almost forgot! This mini-story has its own background, just like everything that surrounds us and that we value, has a background. During the jazz boom in America there would appear jazz stock exchanges on which new jazz-bands would appear like mushrooms after rain, and for them there would appear their producers. Sometimes musicians who met in the stock exchange created their own jazz band. Everything was going great. Success was just around the corner. But then, one day a jazz group had its own hit. Uncomplicated, funny lyrics and absolutely killer music! It seemed that the song would immediately shoot a bull's-eye and make this jazz band famous, as had happened with other lucky ones. And so, this jazz band has its own producer, who enthusiastically got down to business: he found a record company, and even a record was released! Soon, the sounds of their hit song should fill every dance floor! But this did not happen. The producer went into hiding with money to pay for a batch of records. And only a tiny fraction of them hit the market. Their brainchild went unnoticed and underestimated ... However, as you already know, the souls of the musicians cannot calm down until they hear their hit. Therefore, for almost a century they have been hanging around the jukebox, expecting someone to play their record ... NB A jukebox is a partially automated music-playing device, usually a coin-operated machine, that will play a patron's selection from self-contained media.
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Год: 2021
Длительность: 00:05:44

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